Steamed Chicken Recipe - Easy Steam Chicken Recipe

Steamed Chicken is a very healthy and unique recipe as you can use this anyway you want. Just cut them into pieces and sprinkle black pepper powder or dip it in your favourite sauce. You can also make it as a sandwich filling and relish this chicken. Whenever I prepare this recipe I generally eat with bread or just a bowl of rice and dal. See below the simplest Steamed Chicken recipe.

Potato Sandwich Recipe - Alu Sandwich - Sandwich Recipes - Vegetarian Sandwich

In this sandwich the potato is mixed with onions, fresh coriander leaves, salt and black pepper powder. This flavourful potato is pressed in between two triangular breads and gives a yummy treat to our taste buds. Then the sandwich is just heated and fried in very little oil, this procedure enhances the taste of the sandwich. This sandwich is loved by everyone at my home. See below the flavourful Potato Sandwich recipe below.

Carrot Halwa Recipe - Gajar ka halwa

Carrot halwa is a sweet dish made of carrot. In this recipe carrot is cooked with ghee, milk, khoya and sugar. The addition of cinnamon sticks and cardamoms enhances the flavor and aroma of this halwa. Children enjoy this sweet dish and they also get the protein of the carrot. I have grated the carrot and cooked this halwa in a kadhai. To make this simple carrot halwa, check out the recipe below.   

Paneer Maggi Noodles - Quick Maggi Noodles Recipe

Many of us love eating maggi noodles, it is my favourite too. I often add different variations to my noodles. Adding paneer  (cottage cheese) to maggi was an amazing idea and it became my favourite. It is very easy and also gets prepared in very less time, a perfect dish to kill your hunger at any time of the day or even midnight. See below the recipe of Paneer Maggi Noodles.

Makai Paneer Recipe - Easy Paneer Recipe

Makai means corn. In this recipe I have prepared paneer which is also known as cottage cheese with corn kernels. I have made this dish for the first time, so I was not aware how it would turn out to be. To my surprise it was an amazing recipe and I was requested by my family members to make it again the next day. I am sharing my super easy recipe of Makai Paneer here under.

Quick Corn Rice Recipe

This recipe is the quickest and the simplest rice recipe that can be prepared just in the blink of an eye. I also find this recipe the best way to utilize the left over rice in a very tasty manner. The best part of this recipe is that, it is so simple that anybody can prepare this dish. It can also be packed in your child’s lunch box or you can also cook it instantly and carry it in your lunch box to your office. It is a tasty, healthy and a full meal as it fills your stomach and saves you from hunger. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and see the recipe and start preparing this yummy Quick Corn Rice Recipe.


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