Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup is a yummy combination of chicken, noodle and soup.

In this recipe I have combined my three most favourite things, chicken, noodle and soup. This delectable recipe is prepared with limited amount of oil and in a very simple way. I generally prepare this recipe with very few ingredients, yet it turns out to be a delightful meal for us. My family loves this recipe and I am sure your family too will love it. This soup is so simple that anybody can prepare this and relish it with their favourite sauce at home. Children can enjoy this with tomato ketchup also. See below my easy recipe of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Aloo Gobi Matar Recipe

Aloo Gobi Matar recipe is a simple vegetarian preparation

This vegetarian curry is a very simple and easy to prepare recipe with very few ingredients and yet it is very delectable.  I often prepare this recipe with fresh green peas and fresh cauliflower and serve it with rice, roti and sometimes with puris too. The wonderful combination of green peas, cauliflower and potato does not need to many spices as these have their own taste and it gives boost to our taste buds with very few and simple spices. I am sure everybody would like to try out this simple recipe, I am sharing Aloo Gobi Matar Recipe here.

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop is a delectable appetizer.

I love savoring any dish prepared with chicken, but these lollipops made with chicken wings are simply me and my family’s favourite. Whenever I bring home chicken wings I prepare these lollipops. If you do not like to savour the same with tomato ketchup then you can sprinkle little lemon juice on the lollipops and serve it hot with salad. I am sure now all of you are feeling excited to prepare this recipe, so see below the flavourful recipe of the Chicken Lollipop.      

Kela Tikki

Delicious Kela Tikki is a wonderful snack and also an appetizer.

Raw green banana is very good for health but I always disliked it and avoided it. I never brought raw green bananas home as it is not my favourite food. Recently when I went to market with my sister she saw these raw bananas and purchased it thinking it is a ripe one. Lol. After bringing home she tried peeling it and then realized it is the raw bananas. Now she came to me and told me what happened I just laughed and then immediately I got this idea of making this tikkis out of the raw green bananas. Instantly I started preparing these Tikkis and I must say that just because of these tikkis I started liking raw green bananas. I am sure all of you too want to try this out so just scroll down and see the complete recipe of Kela Tikki.

Matar Chicken

Matar Chicken is a flavourful Chicken Recipe.

Matar means Green Peas in hindi, in this recipe I have combined the chicken with green peas and cooked it in a very simple way. This preparation is prepared with hardly any spices yet it gives a treat to our taste buds. Tangy taste of the tomatoes enhances the taste of this recipe and makes it more delightful. This dry chicken dish can be savoured with rice or roti. See here the yummy recipe of Matar Chicken.

Coriander Pakora

Coriander Pakora is a mouthwatering snack.

I personally like the flavor of coriander, weather it is leaves or seeds. I often add coriander leaves and the seeds in my recipes. The idea of preparing this yummy recipe came to my mind when I was very hungry and I wanted to eat some tangy and spicy pakoras. I searched my refrigerator and got nothing but only a bunch of coriander leaves. I prepared these pakoras for the first time and it was so yummy that now I have to prepare it every alternate day to give a treat to my taste buds. This sounds funny but that is yummy, Lol. Relishing these pokoras with the condiment like coriander chutney would be very delightful. See below the recipe of the Coriander Pakora.    

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