Masala Corn Delight

There are various recipes that can be prepared with sweet corn. Out of all the recipes this corn dish is a very simple, yummy and spicy one.  This can be prepared in minutes and savored as a chat, snack or as a salad. This yummy corn recipe is prepared with very few ingredients, yet it taste very good. Here I am sharing my recipe of Masala Corn Delight.

Time for Preparation : 10 minutes
Time for Cooking : 2 minutes
Serves 2 People

Ingredients for Masala Corn Delight

2 cups sweet corn kernels
1 cup of water for boiling the corn
1 Tbsp Coriander powder
3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
Salt to taste

How to make Masala Corn Delight

Take the 1 cup of water in a deep bottom pan or a wok.

Begin boiling the water.

When the water begins to boil add the sweet corn kernels. 

Now boil the sweet corn for near about 10 minutes.    

Strain the corn and drain away the water and add the coriander powder, lemon juice and salt to the boiled sweet corn and mix everything together properly.

Delicious Masala Corn Delight is now ready, garnish it with lemon slices and serve hot.

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