Spicy Mutton Pasta

This pasta recipe is prepared with minced mutton or lamb. A lot of Indian spices are added to this pasta recipe, which enhances the flavor of this dish. This recipe is very simple to prepare and taste very delicious. If you like your pasta to be more spicy you can increase the quantity of red chili powder and if you don`t like it spicy you can omit the red chili powder from the recipe. Here I am sharing my mouth watering recipe of Spicy Mutton Pasta.

Time for Preparation : 10 minutes
Time for Cooking : 30 minutes
Serves 4 people

Ingredients for Spicy Mutton Pasta

500 grams Pasta
250 grams Mutton minced
2 big Tomatoes (cut into small pieces)
1 big Onion (sliced)
1 tbsp Ginger paste
1 tbsp Garlic paste
½ tsp Coriander paste
½ tsp Cumin paste
½ tsp Red Chili powder
3 cups of water
4 tbsp oil
6 tbsp Soy sauce
Pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste  

How to make Spicy Mutton Pasta

Take water in a deep bottom pan.

Let the water boil.

Once the water is boiled add the pasta to it.

Now let the pasta boil. Make sure that the pasta does not get boiled too much or else it will become very mushy and sticky.

Once the paste is boiled, strain the water from the pasta and keep the same aside, keep the pasta under the running fan and let it dry.

Now heat oil in wok or a pan.

Add the sliced onions and sauté till it becomes transparent.

Now add the minced mutton and sauté for few minutes.

Add the ginger paste, garlic paste, coriander paste and cumin paste.

Now add the red chili powder and salt and sauté for 5 minutes.

Add the tomatoes now and sauté.

Now add the ½ cup of water and cover and cook, let the mutton get cooked.

Once the water dries up sauté it for 2 minutes.

Add the boiled pasta now.

Saute and mix everything well and add the soy sauce, sugar and salt to taste and, sauté for 5 more minutes.

Yummy Spicy Mutton Pasta is now ready. Serve it hot with your favorite sauce.

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