Bread Pudding

I am sure all of us like to have a bowl of chill pudding after our meals. This pudding recipe is a very simple one to prepare and can be prepared in minutes. This tasty and yummy pudding recipe is best savored when it is chill. My family loves to savor to savor this sweet dish. Here I am sharing my mouth watering recipe of Bread Pudding. 

Time for Preparation : 5 minutes
Time for Cooking : 7 minutes
Serves 2 People

Ingredients for Bread Pudding

3 slices of Breads
1 Egg
2 cups of Milk
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Custard Powder
1 Tbsp Cashew nuts 
1 Tbsp Raisins
1 Tbsp Ghee 

How to make Bread Pudding

Chop the cashew nuts and raisins and keep it aside.

Break and beat the egg.

Now take the bread slices.

Break the bread slices into small pieces.

Now add the bread pieces, beaten egg, milk and dry fruits into a bowl.

Add the custard powder.

Add the sugar.

Now blend everything into a batter with the help of a blender. 

Take a pan or a wok and put ghee on it.

Heat the ghee and melt it.

Pour the bread mixture into the pan or the wok.

Stir and cook everything for 7 minutes.

Remove the pudding from the flame and bring it to room temperature and then refrigerate it.

Delicious Bread Pudding is now ready. Garnish it with some cashew nut and raisins and serve it chill.



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