Chicken And Mushroom Soup

Savoring soups in a chill night is always amazing. Soup is the ultimate mid-night hunger solution for me. I like to savor and prepare soups as they are quite easy to prepare. In this soup I have added mushroom along with chicken and it tasted super yummy. I have used the dried mushroom to prepare this soup recipe. As I have used the dried mushroom so I have soaked the mushroom in water for near about thirty minutes. When the mushroom became soft and fluffy then I have chopped them into small pieces. I have added a small piece of ginger too to enhance the flavor of my soup. Infact I sometimes add a lot of ginger to my soup because I like the flavor of ginger. To enjoy this Chicken And Mushroom Soup you need to check the recipe below. Savor this soup with chili sauce.

Time for Preparation : 10 minutes
Time for Cooking : 30 minutes
Serves 2 People

Ingredients for Chicken And Mushroom Soup

½ cup Mushroom
1 Big Carrot
1 inch Ginger
250 grams Chicken
1 tbsp Oil
2 tbsp Corn Flour
4 cups of water
2 Eggs
Salt to taste
Pinch of Sugar

How to make Chicken And Mushroom Soup

First we are going to prepare all the ingredients and keep everything handy. So we will peel the carrot and cut them into small cubes, peel the ginger, cut the mushroom into small pieces and I have also minced the chicken and some bones were there so I am going to add the bones too. You can cut the chicken as you desire.

Now heat 2 tbsp oil in a deep bottom pan, I have used soya refine oil for preparing this dish.

Add the chicken, chopped mushroom, cubed carrots and ginger into the oil and sauté them all together for 10 minutes.

Now add the 4 cups of water, pinch of sugar and salt as per your taste.

Take the corn flour in a bowl.

Add little water to it and dissolve the corn flour completely into the water and keep it aside. This improves the consistency of the soup.

Bring the soup to boil, you can also cover and cook the soup.

Once the soup is prepared, I mean the carrot, mushroom and chicken is cooked. We will add the corn flour solution now and keep stirring.

Take the two eggs now, break them and beat them properly in a separate bowl.

Add the beaten eggs into the soup now and keep stirring. After adding the egg, cook the soup for 2 minutes.

Hot and yummy Chicken And Mushroom Soup is now ready to serve.

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