Paneer Masala

Paneer can be prepared in various ways. This Paneer recipe is a very spicy and delicious Paneer dish. This recipe is a dry recipe and it goes well with any kind of rice preparation or roti. One can also savor it with plain bread too. It is very simple to prepare and can be prepared in minutes. Here I am sharing my mouth watering recipe of Paneer Masala. 

Time for Prepartion : 10 minutes
Time for Cooking : 20 minutes
Serves 4 People

Ingredients for Paneer Masala

500 grams Paneer (Cottage Cheese)
4 Tbsp Oil
1 Tsp Ginger
1 Tsp Garlic
2 Tomatoes
2 Onions
2 Tbsp Coriander Powder
1 Tsp Red Chili Powder
½ Tsp Fenugreek Seeds
2 cups water

Salt to taste

How to make Paneer Masala

Take the paneer and cut into cubes.

Now take the ginger and garlic and chop them together.

Take the tomatoes and onions and grind them together into a paste, it should be thick in consistency and keep it aside.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a wok and fry the cubed paneer for 5 to 7 minutes.

Boil 2 cups of water in a bowl and keep it aside.

Now dip the fried paneer into the boiled water and immediately remove them from the hot water. 

Keep them aside.

Take the remaining 2 tbsp oil and heat it in a wok.

Now take the chopped ginger and garlic and add it to the hot oil in the wok , stir it for 5 minutes.

Add the tomato and onion paste into the wok and sauté everything together.

Add the coriander powder.

Add the salt and red chili powder.

Stir the masalas for near about 10 minutes.

Now add the cubed paneer.

Saute everything properly.

Add the fenugreek seeds now and cook for 10 minutes, if required you can add the boiled water that we have prepared earlier and for dipping the paneer.

Delicious Paneer Masala is now ready. 

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