Chili And Spring Onion Omelette

We savor omelette at any hour of the day, we can eat it in the breakfast with a toast or for lunch and dinner with rice or roti and also sometimes when we feel hungry at odd hours. Omelettes are very easy to prepare recipe with the eggs. I often try making different types of omelette and this omelette recipe that I am sharing here under is one of my favorite omelette recipe. I like the flavor of spring onions and I like spicy food so I have added green chilies to this Chili And Spring Onion Omelette.

Time for Preparation : 5 minutes
Time for Cooking : 3 minutes
Serves 1 Person 

Ingredients for Chili And Spring Onion Omelette

1 Egg
Little Spring Onions
2 Green Chilies
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Mustard Oil

How to make Chili And Spring Onion Omelette

First we will chop the spring onions and keep it ready in a plate. We are going to use both the white and the green part of the spring onions .

Now we will take the green chilies and cut them into small pieces.

Take a small bowl and break the egg into it. You can also add two eggs, I have just added one.

Now add the green chilies into the egg.

Add the chopped spring onions to the egg and green chilies.

Add the salt now as much as you require.

Now beat the egg properly along with the green chilies, spring onions and salt.

Heat the mustard oil in a frying pan to fry the omelette.

Now pour the beaten egg into the hot oil slowly.

Fry on both the sides on a low flame.

Our delectable spicy Chili And Spring Onion Omelette is now ready.

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