Jeera Aloo

In this recipe we have sauted the potatoes with cumin seeds. Cumin seed which is also known as jeera is a wonderful spice, the best thing I like about this spice is that it enhances the taste and flavor of any kind of recipe. Jeera also has many health benefits like it improves digestion, prevents cancer etc. If you check the list of ingredients of this recipe you will find I have added tomatoes too. It is because the tomatoes not only improve the taste but also the look of this dish. See below the tasty recipe of Jeera Aloo.    

Time for Preparation : 10 minutes
Time for Preparation : 20 minutes
Serves 4 People

Ingredients for Jeera Aloo

4 Potatoes
2 Tomatoes
2 Onions
1 Tbsp Cumin Seeds (jeera)
Pinch of Turmeric Powder
1 Tsp Red Chili Powder
4 Green Chilies
Salt to taste
½ cup Mustard Oil
½ cup luke warm Water

How to make Jeera Aloo

Take the potatoes and peel them. After peeling wash them properly and cut them into cube shape.

Now take the onions and peel and slice them, keep them aside, take the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces.

Take out the jeera (cumin seeds) and keep it ready.

Get ready now as we are going to start cooking now. The first thing we need to do is heat the mustard oil in a kadhai.

Now fry the potatoes little by little on a high flame.    

Fry the potatoes properly in the mustard oil till it turns golden brown in color.

Once the potatoes are fried well remove it from the oil and keep it aside.

Take the sliced onions and sauté them till it becomes transparent.

Now add the jeera to the fried onions and sauté till a lovely aroma of the sauted jeera comes out.

Add the tomatoes now into the kadhai. I have added tomatoes to this recipe to give a tangy taste to the dish.

Now sauté the tomatoes along with the jeera and onions, add the green chilies. You can chop the green chilies and add them but I have added the whole green chilies.

Now add the turmeric powder, just a pinch of it is enough and add salt too.

Add the red chili powder now and sauté till the tomatoes are dissolved.

Now add the fried potatoes to the kadhai and saute.

Add the half cup luke warm water. We are adding this ½ cup luke warm water so that the potatoes get cooked properly.

Stir and cook till the water dries up and the potatoes are cooked well.

Delectable Jeera Aloo is now ready.



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