Spring Onion Omelette

Making omelette is a very simple way of cooking egg. I have a soft corner in my heart for spring onions and I just love the flavor of spring onions so I add them in most of the recipes that I prepare. I always wondered how an omelette will taste when I will add spring onions to it. So I have tried it yesterday and I must admit that it was one of the most delicious omelette that I have ever eaten. This omelette will not be spicy so children and people who do not eat spicy food will simply love this omelette. See here under the recipe of Spring Onion Omelette.

Time for Preparation : 2 minutes
Time for Cooking : 2 minutes
Serves 1 Person

Ingredients for Spring Onion Omelette

1 Egg
Little Spring Onions
1 tbsp Mustard Oil
Salt to taste

How to make Spring Onion Omelette

To prepare this simple omelette we will first cut the spring onions into small pieces, keep both the green and white of the spring onions. Adding the white of the spring onions will enhance the taste of the omelette.

Now break an egg into a small bowl, I do not eat too much egg so I have added only one egg, you can make this omelette with double eggs too.

Now add the spring onions to the egg, both the green and the white.

Add salt according to your preference.

Now beat the egg and the spring onion thoroughly so that the salt gets dissolve.

Heat a tablespoon of mustard oil in a frying pan.

Pour the beaten egg into the pan over the mustard oil.

Now cook the egg on both the sides and make sure you do not overcook it.

Toothsome Spring Onion Omelette is now ready to serve.

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