Tomato And Spring Onions Chutney

Chutney is a condiment, and it can be prepared in a numerous ways. I personally like to savor the same with my meals. This chutney recipe has tomatoes and spring onions in it. I like this chutney so much that I just relish it with plain hot rice. You can avoid adding water to this chutney but I have added it as it cooks the tomatoes. You can also add red chili powder if you love too much spicy food. My family loves this chutney but not too much spicy. So I add fewer chilies to my dishes. I am sure by now you eagerly want to taste this chutney, but before savoring this chutney you need to prepare it so see down the recipe of Tomato And Spring Onions Chutney.

Time for Preparation : 10 minutes
Time for Cooking : 10 minutes
Serves 4 People 

Ingredients for Tomato And Spring Onions Chutney

4 Tomatoes
1 bunch Spring Onions
4 Green Chilies
6 Garlic cloves
1 inch Ginger
Salt to taste
¼ cup of Water
4 Tbsp Mustard Oil

How to make Tomato And Spring Onions Chutney

First we are going to finish the chopping part by chopping the tomatoes, spring onions, ginger and garlic, you can also chop the green chilies and keep them in a plate.

Now we will do the cooking part, heat the 4 tbsp of mustard oil in a kadhai. Mustard oil enhances the taste of this chutney.

Now add the chopped ginger and garlic into the hot mustard oil.

Add the spring onions white into the oil and sauté it along with the chopped ginger and garlic.

Now add the chopped tomatoes to the recipe.

Saute the tomatoes now for five minutes.

Now add the green chilies and stir fry the chutney. You can increase the quantity of the green chilies if you want your chutney to be spicy. I prefer less spicy as my family do not eat too spicy food.

Add salt according to your taste to the chutney.

Now add the water to the chutney so that the tomatoes get cooked.

Saute the chutney and add the spring onions green to the tomatoes.

Now stir fry the chutney, the lovely aroma of this chutney will now come out and make your mouth water.

Spicy and delicious Tomato And Spring Onions Chutney is now ready.

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