Onion And Green Chili Omelette

Easy Onion And Green Chili Omelette a perfect egg recipe.

I like trying variety of Omelettes and I often make them at home as they are so easy to prepare. In this Omelette I have added very common ingredients like onions and green chilies. This Omelette is a very simple one but yet very delicious. I just toss and fry the omelette for a minute as the onions taste nice and crispy when it is half cooked. I am sure all of you are eagerly waiting to taste this Onion And Green Chili Omelette. So scroll down and see the recipe below.

Cook Time

Time for Preparation : 2 minutes
Time for Cooking : 2 minutes
Serves 1 Person


Ingredients required for cooking Onion And Green Chili Omelette

1 Egg
½ Onion
1 Green Chili
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Mustard Oil


See here how to prepare Onion And Green Chili Omelette

The very first thing for preparing this omelette is, we will peel and chop the half onion into small pieces. Half onion is enough for one egg omelette.

Now the next step is to slice the green chilies and keep it ready. I have sliced only one green chili for one egg omelette, you can add more green chilies in your omelette according to your taste.

Take a bowl and break the egg in it. I have used a single egg for this recipe. You can use double egg also if you want.

Add the chopped onions to the egg in the bowl.

Now add the sliced green chilies to the bowl of chopped onion and the egg.

Also add salt as according to your taste to the egg, onions and green chilies.

Now beat everything thoroughly together so that the salt gets dissolved properly and mixes well with the other ingredients.

Heat 1 tbsp of mustard oil in the frying pan and spread it in the pan properly.

Now pour the egg mixture to the frying pan.

After pouring the egg mixture into the pan spread the egg properly with the help of a spoon.

Toss and cook on both the sides of the Omelette.

Delightful Onion And Green Chili Omelette is now ready to relish.



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