Vegetarian Kebabs

Vegetarian Kebabs are so special and you should for sure try it. 

Many of us love eating Kebabs. I too love savoring the same. I have prepared these vegetarian kebabs using green grams, soya bean chunks and gram flour. I have also added lots of garlic and green chilies to these kebabs. The flavor of garlic makes these kebabs very delightful. I have shaped these kebabs round and I have deep fried them. See here how to make these easy Vegetarian Kebabs and serve them hot with coriander chutney.

Cook Time

Time for Preparation : 20 minutes
Time for Cooking : 10 minutes
Serves : 2 People


Ingredients required for making Vegetarian Kebabs

100 grams Green Gram
100 grams Soya bean chunks
6 Cardamoms
4 Cinnamons
10 Garlic cloves
6 Green Chilies
4 Tbsp Besan (Gram Flour)
Salt to taste
Pinch of Sugar
Oil for deep frying


See here how to prepare Vegetarian Kebabs

First we will clean and wash the green grams properly.

Now put the washed green grams into the pressure cooker and add some water.

Add the cardamoms and the cinnamons into the water with the green grams.

Now add the soya bean chunks into the water along with the green grams, cardamoms and cinnamons.

Now cook them in the pressure cooker till you hear one whistle. After the whistle, remove the pressure cooker from the heat and then let the steam escape. Open the pressure cooker and remove the green grams and soya bean chunks into a separate bowl. Throw away the water, cardamom and the cinnamon.

Now add the peeled garlic cloves to the green grams and the soya bean chunks.

Add the whole green chilies too, I have used less green chilies as my mother do not eat spicy food. You can add green chilies according to your wish.

Now blend all these together into a thick paste. Please use very little water for blending.

Once the paste is ready add the besan to the paste.

Now add salt and sugar and mix everything properly.

The batter should be of a very thick consistency. Once the batter is ready shape the kebabs according to your wish. I have shaped it like small balls.

It is time for cooking now, let us take a deep frying pan or a kadhai and heat oil in it.

Now take the kebabs and drop them little by little into the oil.

Fry these kebabs till it turns golden brown in colour.

Once fried well remove it from the oil and place it in a separate bowl.

Mouth watering Vegetarian Kebabs are now ready to savor. Enjoy these kebabs with coriander chutney. You can click here  for the coriander chutney recipe.



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