Chili Gobi

Chili Gobi is a scrumptious cauliflower recipe.

Chili Gobi is a very simple and easy to prepare recipe.  Nowadays the cauliflower is available abundantly in the market and I am sure everybody wants to eat something new every day, so you can try this recipe and I am sure you and your loved ones will definitely love it. The flavour and aroma of ginger, garlic, onion and bell peppers makes this recipe super delicious. I enjoy preparing this dish as it is one of my family’s favorite. See here under my easy recipe of Chili Gobi.

Cook Time

Time for Preparation : 45 minutes
Time for Cooking : 15 minutes
Serves 4 People


Ingredients required for making Chili Gobi Recipe

1 Cauliflower (Gobi)
1 Onion, chopped
1 Bell pepper (Capsicum)
2 Eggs
300 grams Garlic
200 grams Ginger
10 Green Chilies
1 tsp Red Chili Powder
5 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
200 grams All purpose Flour (Maida)
Salt to taste
Pinch of Ajinomoto
Little Spring Onion green for garnishing


See here how to prepare Chili Gobi Recipe

First we will chop the garlic and ginger, cut the bell pepper and onions in cubes, chops the spring onion greens and also green chilies. I have not chopped the green chilies as I have added the whole green chilies. Keep it all ready in a plate.

Take the cauliflower and cut the florets and keep it aside.

Break the eggs now in a bowl.

Now we will add only half of the chopped ginger and garlic to the eggs.

Add the all purpose flour to the eggs and the chopped ginger and garlic.

Now add the red chili powder.

Add the salt according to taste.

Now beat the eggs, garlic and ginger, all purpose flour, red chili powder and salt thoroughly.

Now take and pour the egg mixture into the cauliflower florets.

Marinate the cauliflower and keep it aside for near about 30 minutes.

Heat sufficient oil in a kadhai.

Now fry the marinated cauliflower florets into the hot oil little by little.

Fry the cauliflower florets till it turns brown in colour.

Once the cauliflower florets are fried remove them from oil and keep them in a separate bowl. This fried cauliflower looks yummy.

After frying all the cauliflower florets, the oil in the kadhai will change its colour and we are going to prepare this dish in this same oil.

Now take the cubed onions and add them to the hot oil.

Add the remaining chopped ginger and garlic.

Now stir the onions, ginger and garlic together in the oil for a minute.

Add the cubed bell peppers. I personally love the aroma of bell peppers.

Now add the green chilies to the kadhai.

Stir everything together, a wonderful aroma will fill your kitchen at this time.

Now add the tomato ketchup, ajinomoto, vinegar and little salt to the recipe.

Stir it properly. A little water can be added at this stage if required.

Now add the fried cauliflower florets to the ketchup mixture.

Now stir fry properly everything together for 5 minutes.

Our delightful Chili Gobi is now ready to relish. Garnish it with the chopped spring onions and serve hot.



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