Cheesy Chicken Pasta

Cheesy Chicken Pasta is a very appetizing and flavourful pasta recipe.

This yummy and very cheesy pasta with chicken is a wonderful creation that I have prepared last Sunday. I like cheese, and chicken pasta is my all time favourite. So I have combined the cheese, chicken and pasta together and prepared this mouth watering dish. You can also increase and decrease the quantity of cheese. See here the simple and very easy to prepare Cheesy Chicken Pasta Recipe.          

Cook Time

Time for Preparation : 45 minutes
Time for Cooking : 15 minutes
Serves 4 People


Ingredients required for making Cheesy Chicken Pasta Recipe

2 cups of Pasta
1 big Carrot
Few Green Beans
2 Tomatoes
250 grams chicken
2 Tbsp Butter
I Bowl of grated Cheese
½ cup White Sauce
5 Garlic cloves
½ inch Ginger
1 tbsp Black Pepper Powder
Salt to taste
Sufficient Water
1 tbsp of Oil


See here how to prepare Cheesy Chicken Pasta Recipe

First we will take the chicken and wash it properly, cut them into your desired size. I have cut them small pieces and keep it aside.

Now take the carrot and cut them into small cubes, take the green beans and cut them into one inch long and chop the tomatoes and keep it ready for the recipe.

Also chop the ginger and garlic and keep it ready.

Keep the pasta ready in a bowl for boiling. I have used different types of pasta for preparing this recipe.

Also keep the grated cheese handy in a bowl.

Keep the white sauce ready, you can use a readymade one, I have prepared the white sauce at home by adding a tsp of all purpose flour and ½ tsp of corn flour and boiled them on low flame with a cup of milk till it acquired the right consistency.

Now boil 2 cups of water in a kadhai or a pan and add the pasta into it. Boil the pasta till it is cooked. Be careful at this stage as the pasta should not be over cooked.

After boiling the pasta, drain away the water and put the pasta under the running fan, add a tbsp of oil to the boiled pasta and mix it properly.

Now again boil half cup of water in the same kadhai or pan.

Take the cubed carrots, cut green beans and the chicken and add it to the boiling water. Boil the vegetables and chicken till the water dries up completely and the vegetables are also cooked.

Once the water dries up remove the boiled chicken and the vegetables into a separate bowl.

Now heat the butter in the same kadhai or pan.

Add the chopped ginger and chopped garlic and sauté for a minute.

Now add the boiled chicken, boiled carrots and the boiled green beans and saute.

Add the chopped tomatoes to the recipe.

Add little salt and sauté everything well for 2 minutes.

Add the boiled pasta to the kadhai.

Saute the pasta with the vegetables and the boiled chicken. The pasta looks very colourful at this stage.

Now add the black pepper powder and sufficient salt and sauté.

Add the white sauce to the pasta.

Now add the half of the grated cheese to the pasta and keep half of the grated cheese as we will require the same later for garnishing.

Now sauté everything, the cheese will start melting and the pasta will have a wonderful cheesy taste and an eye catching look.

Our very delicious Cheesy Chicken Pasta is now ready. Garnish it with grated cheese and serve hot.

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