Spicy Chicken Corn Recipe

The combination of chicken and sweet corn is always a great idea for me as both the ingredients are my favourite. I always try adding them together and make something new out of it. The thirst of making something new with the favorite ingredients makes me try new yummy recipes and I love sharing my recipes here with all of my wonderful friends. The spiciness of the chillies, the sweet tastes of the sweet corn and the freshness of coriander leaves make this recipe a feast for the taste bud. Children too will love this recipe, while preparing this for children, reduce the chillies or the spiciness of the recipe. See below the Spicy Chicken Corn Recipe.


 Ingredients required to make Spicy Chicken Corn Recipe.

500 grams chicken
1 cup sweet corn kernels
2 big tomatoes
2 big onions
1 inch ginger
Salt to taste
4 tbsp oil
4 green chillies
Red chilli powder as per taste
Black pepper powder as per taste

Cook Time

Time for preparation: 5 minutes
Time for cooking: 20 minutes
Serves 4 people  

How to cook Spicy Chicken Corn Recipe

First let’s wash the chicken properly and cut them into medium size.

Chop the tomatoes, onions, peel the ginger and make slits on it and slit the green chillies lengthwise.

Wash the sweet corn kernels and keep it ready.

Now heat oil in the kadhai, I have used mustard oil, it can be made with any other oil of your choice.

Fry the ginger and the onions till they turn transparent and the lovely aroma of ginger and onion will fill your kitchen. I just love this.

Add the chicken now and sauté it together with the onion. After sauting it for a while chicken will start leaving water. Keep sauting.

Now add the chopped tomatoes, slit green chilies, sweet corn kernels, red chili powder and salt and stir everything together.

Cover and cook till the water dry up and sizzling sound comes.

By the time the chicken is getting cooked, let’s give some freshness to the recipe so take the fresh coriander leaves and chop it finely.

Add the black pepper powder and keep stirring, the lovely aroma of this recipe will make your mouth water.

Once the chicken is cooked properly, hold a minute, check it properly that the chicken has become soft and tender then add the chopped fresh coriander leaves and sauté it.

You can also see that the oil in the recipe has started leaving the sides of the kadhai.

Our delectable Spicy Chicken Corn Recipe is now ready to serve with hot boiled rice, bread or roti.

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