Paneer Maggi Noodles - Quick Maggi Noodles Recipe

Many of us love eating maggi noodles, it is my favourite too. I often add different variations to my noodles. Adding paneer  (cottage cheese) to maggi was an amazing idea and it became my favourite. It is very easy and also gets prepared in very less time, a perfect dish to kill your hunger at any time of the day or even midnight. See below the recipe of Paneer Maggi Noodles.


1 packet Maggi Noodles
Half cup paneer (cubed)
Little spring onion green
Little spring onion white
1 tsp oil
Salt to taste (optional)
2 cups of water

Cook Time

Time for preparation : 5 minutes
Time for cooking : 3 minutes
Serves 1 person

How to make Paneer Maggi Noodles

First we will wash and chop the spring onions and keep the spring onion white and spring onion green separately.

Now we will start cooking so let’s heat oil in a kadhai.

Add the paneer cubes and fry them in the oil till the paneer turns slightly golden in colour. The paneer cubes should be slightly smaller in size.

Once the paneer cubes are fried, take it out from the kadhai and keep them separately.

Pour water in the same kadhai and let the water boil.

Now open the instant maggi noodles packet and add it in the boiling water.

Immediately add the spring onion white. It takes little time to cook.

Now slowly stir and cook the noodles with the spring onion white.

Add the maggi tastemaker now in the boiling noodles and keep stirring.

Now add the spring onion green.

Add the fried paneer cubes now to the noodles.

Now add the salt as per your taste. This is optional, if you don’t want to add salt to your noodles then also it will taste good.

Stir and cook for few seconds.

Our Paneer Maggi Noodle is now ready to relish. Enjoy it hot.

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