Steamed Chicken Recipe - Easy Steam Chicken Recipe

Steamed Chicken is a very healthy and unique recipe as you can use this anyway you want. Just cut them into pieces and sprinkle black pepper powder or dip it in your favourite sauce. You can also make it as a sandwich filling and relish this chicken. Whenever I prepare this recipe I generally eat with bread or just a bowl of rice and dal. See below the simplest Steamed Chicken recipe.


Ingredients required to make Steamed Chicken

1 whole chicken (country chicken with skin)
Salt to taste
Water for steaming
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Cook Time

Time for preparation : 2 minutes
Time for cooking : 20 minutes
Serves four people

How to make Steamed Chicken

First we will wash the chicken carefully and properly. It should be washed inside out.

Now we will take a deep bottom pan or a steamer. I have used big kadhai and placed a big strainer on it so that it does not get drowned in the water and then placed the whole chicken.

Take salt as much as you require only and apply it on the body of the chicken properly.

Put on the flame and cover and cook for near about 20 minutes. In between open the lid and check the chicken and change the sides also. It should be cooked on both sides properly.

Once the chicken is cooked properly, remove it from the steamer and cut it into small pieces.

Serve it hot with your favourite sauce or you can make a dip by chopping some garlic and adding it into mustard oil.

Garnish the chicken pieces with fresh coriander leaves.

The tasty and healthy Steamed Chicken is now ready to relish.

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